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“An artclass on the footpath…”

Interns Pranoy Shaiva and Shreyas Nair contributed both words and photographs for this writeup.   Chaitanya Modak an avid art enthusiast and the creator of Bhitti Chi...

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Going Home: A Short Film By Kimberly D'Silva

Going Home: A Short Film By Kimberly D'Silva is a short film to raise awareness on respecting all forms of life. Written and Directed by Kimberly D'Silva.  

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Flowing With Rashmi: An Interview With The Director Of The FLO Film Festival

Rashmi Lamba is the Festival Director at the FLO Film Festival, a festival geared towards the empowerment of women. The festival explores positive portrayals of women and girl...

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Seeds For Cinema: An Interview With Dr Shravan Kumar, CEO, CFSI

“At CFSI we not only want to make films but also make film makers”-Dr. Shravan KumarOn the fifteenth of February, Director, Producer and Managing Director of ACEE ...

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Democracy's Dirty Word

- Is politics overtaking India's inherent humanism? Why have we become so intolerant of the term "intolerance"? Crisscrossing through multiple literary festivals in the last ...

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How Data Can Improve the Impact of Stories

‘Our ancestors created their myths and told their stories for a human purpose. Any good story, any good novel, should have a message’, wrote Chinua Achebe, the Nig...

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Read this, and then do the maths: How many mango trees before he can count my tears?

In a distant, sleepy village in Uttar Pradesh, whose name I would have never heard had a lot of politicians and news TV's OB vans not landed there recently to bring its storie...

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The Writer and Publisher: No Holy Marriage This!

When a writer is attacked or hauled to court, who really stays on for the good fight? Author MURZBAN SHROFF breaks his silence. To all you writers or independent publishers o...

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The Circle of Life

the circle speaks, seeks a goal a hole, carved off its own soul trends! trends after trends ad infinitum, without ends some find it delicious some call it malicious some a Ca...

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Time Pass – A Film Review More Of An Afterthought

The taste of first love, the age of innocence, the age old conflict and the nostalgia of it all, unfolds in a Marathi film loaded with honesty and heartfelt emotions. ?Time Pa...

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Discover the dedication and journey of Prerona Bhuyan and Madhusmita Bora in promoting t...

July 26 2024


"Population Foundation of India criticizes Union Budget 2024-25 for inadequate focus on ...

July 25 2024


Support Manisha Mashaal's Swabhiman Society to end caste-based oppression in Haryana thr...

July 24 2024