Adriana Cepeda on 'Creating the most Contemporary Entertainment Experiences' at Elevate 2K18

Adriana Cepeda, CEO, Cinema Park, Mexico and Cinepolis Foundation speaks at Elevate 2K18, Mumbai. She talked about how Cinema Park is bringing forth edutainment in a totally new experience, presenting educational topics never seen before, using cutting-edge technology.

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Anushka Shah on her work on Civic Engagement programs in India at Elevate 2K18

Anushka Shah, Researcher, MIT Centre for Civic Media speaks at Elevate 2K18, Mumbai. She spoke about how often we are cynical and jaded by the complexity of issues, we don’t believe that anything can change but if an onscreen representative is able to romanticize the idea, we start believing in it.


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PN Vasanti on 'How Television Entertainment in India handles Social Issues' at Elevate 2K18

PN Vasanti, Director, Centre for Media Studies (CMS), Delhi speaks at Elevate 2K18, Mumbai on how social issues are handled by Television in India. She says some of the major challenges on television are lack of accuracy and consistency on issues, more negative characters than positive and messages conveyed being very boring and heavy on the audience.

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Alka Malhotra on 'Reflections from UNICEF’s Entertainment Education Initiatives' at Elevate 2K18

Alka Malhotra, Communication for Development Specialist, UNICEF India speaks at Elevate 2K18, Mumbai. Alka shared with the audience UNICEF’s Initiatives to build a Repository of EE Initiatives and Resources.

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Victor Hugo speaks on 'World Bank research in the Bollywoods of the World'at Elevate 2K18

Victor Hugo from World Bank – DIME speaks at Elevate 2K18, Mumbai about the World Bank research in the entertainment hubs of the world and how it changes the behaviour and development in those countries.

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Sujata Khandekar on Grassroots Leadership and Edutainment at Elevate 2K18

Sujata Khandekar, Director, CORO speaks at Elevate 2K18, Mumbai about how television shows in the 1990s created an impact on people's minds. She says fear and a sense of identity refrain people from doing what they really want to do.


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Varun Gupta on mainstreaming and marketing the story of PadMan at ELevate 2K18

Varun Gupta, Director – Marketing & Creatives, Trigger Max Marketing speaks at Elevate 2K18 on what went into making the film PadMan a successful film. He said presenting this film to the audience was a challenge as menstruation was a tabooed topic in our society.


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Ramesh Sippy delivering the Key Note address at Elevate 2K18

Ramesh Sippy, Director and Filmmaker speaks at Elevate 2K18, Mumbai about the importance of story-telling and how through his Academy he is trying to influence students on why it is important to do the films that they want to do.


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Raj Shrivastav on 'Reaching out with Entertainment and putting it to Social Context' at Elevate 2K18

Raj Shrivastav, Zonal Head, Network Brand Solutions speaks at Elevate 2K18, Mumbai about how characters in Indian television work effectively. He listed out various examples of conveying socially relevant messages through Indian television shows and said television is still the widely watched form of entertainment and that there's a long way to go before digital will take over television in rural areas.

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Panel Discussion on 'New technologies and emerging forms of Storytelling' at Elevate 2K18

Dr. Shravan Kumar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Culture moderated a panel discussion with Augustine Veliath, Co-founder, ACEE and Lee Ritson, Co-founder, Haylo Media on how technology has really molded storytelling in today’s times. Augustine said that there has been a tectonic shift in people’s perspective.

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