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It’s a wonderful set of music releases with artists like Arslan Nizami, DRV and Boyblanck and Danish Ahmed that The Daily Eye #Newsdesk reports on this week!

Windows of hope and despair: Arslan Nizami’s latest song ‘Yeh Khidkiyan’ walks straight into our soul. The production sees Arslan croon a raw and moving melody.

Drv and Boyblanck collabs with London Artist Bombay and releases the most anticipated Hip-Hop track "Tarakiyaan" from their album Multani Mitti on the Artiste First label.

A groove of gratitude: Danish delivers another banger with ‘Shukur’, a fun and catchy rap song for the ages. The rapper’s latest track also boasts of a wacky cool music video by Artiste First.

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Written by Arslan Nizami & UMX, Produced by Nicks Kukreja and composed by Arslan Nizami, Yeh Khidkiyan is a bittersweet ride, which Arslan takes through the harrowing downs and soaring ups of life. The song’s title represents the metaphorical window through which one can escape their troubles and sorrows. The honest essence of Yeh Khidkiyan is poignantly expressed through its lyrics that depict Arslan’s hardships and struggles being eliminated by his unbreakable spirit. The feeling of being lost is reflected in the somber tone of the music.

Arslan Nizami is a young talent who lives and breathes music. His layered and nuanced songs have won the hearts of countless admirers. Talking about his latest track, he said, “Yeh Khidkiyan is a special song in more ways than one. I’ve woven a little part of me and my life’s journey into this track. With the love of fans and the unwavering support of Audio Only, I am looking forward to how the world receives my latest work”.  

Sharing his thoughts on the song, Rohit Sobti, Founder Audio Only, said, “Audio Only is a platform where talents can express their deepest thoughts and innermost emotions in an unfiltered audio format. Yeh Khidkiyan is one such song that showcases Arslan’s melancholic musings and depicts his ‘never say die’ spirit. The melody is elevated by honest lyrics that beautifully blend with the music. Fans and listeners will experience a rollercoaster of emotions while tuning in to this track. The track is moving the sound forward”. 

Ever since its official announcement, DRV and Boyblanck’s Multani Mitti LP has lit a raging fire on social media. The dynamic duo is all set to release the latest song from the coveted album! ‘Tarakkiyan’ is a grand and groovy track that captures the spirit of staying simple and humble while climbing the ranks.

Scheduled to drop on the 5th of October, Tarakkiyan produced by Babywxve, is a Punjabi hip-hop song with a new futuristic sound, a rocking tune that boasts of opulent style and rooted substance. Written and performed by DRV and Boyblanck in their own unique style, the track features ‘Bombay The Artist’ singing the banger in Punjabi. It has a new futuristic sound to it. Blending peppy lyrics and foot-tapping music with a rooted theme, Tarakkiyan talks about embracing humility even as we live, breathe and celebrate our soaring highs. It’s surely gonna set your party in action.

The song also boasts of a rich and lavish music video that is shot on the gorgeous streets of Dubai. Directed by Aavrit Bagga, DRV and Boyblanck team up with ‘Bombay The Artist’ to exude a suave swagger. Every frame of the music video affluently captures the glory of the Gulf city.

DRV and Boyblanck have a rising fan base across the country. The two are taking Indian hip-hop to the next level, and with their latest track, they are bringing their fans another snazzy surprise. Tarakkiyan will be released on all leading platforms on the 5th of October.  


The cool cat of Kurla is back! Danish Ahmed is one of the most coveted names in India’s rap circle, and his latest track proves why he is a rising rap star in the world of Indian hip-hop. Shukur, the brand-new song from Danish, is a peppy and catchy melody that calls out to our inner selves.

As the official singer, composer and lyricist of the song, Danish puts his multiple talents at play to talk about gratitude - the word Shukur translates to gratitude. Through this number, Danish is thanking every person who has been a pillar of strength in his life.  

With music that has a cool and fresh vibe, and lyrics that serve as the perfect funky companion, Shukur keeps you hooked right till the end. The music for the song is produced by Nicks Kukreja.

The video sees Danish portray a carefree janitor of a morgue who shakes a leg with a few of his ‘deceased’. As his friends match toe to toe with the rapper, the video turns from spooky to pure fun. Danish’s easygoing charm, coupled with the unique look, make this Shashwat Dwivedi directorial an entertaining watch. A former assistant to Anurag Kashyap, Shashwat has crafted a distinct and intriguing world of his own in this video. 

From rapping, singing and beatboxing, to composing and writing, Danish stands for creativity and expression in his diverse career. Talking about his latest track, Danish Ahmed said, “My musical journey wouldn’t even begin without the love and support of my near and dear ones. I always wanted to use my art to thank the people I hold close, and Shukur is the track that accomplished my dream. At the outset, it may sound like a light and enjoyable song, but deep inside, it is all about expressing gratitude. I really loved the spooky twist that Artiste First brought to our song with the music video”.

Sharing his thoughts on the exclusive music video, Rohit Sobti said, “Shukur means gratitude in the literal sense, but we wanted to see this song from a fresh perspective, and thus came the concept of a morgue with dancing bodies! The idea was to stay away from the stereotypical bright approach, and take a twisted and funny look at the proceedings. Danish wants to do positive music and Shukur is his endeavor in that direction”.

The song is now available on all leading platforms online.

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