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by Utpal Datta February 17 2024, 12:00 am Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins, 34 secs

In my recent reading journey, each of the books here emerged as beacons and illuminating facets of self-discovery and intellectual pilgrimage, writes Utpal Datta.

Whether reading functioned as a professional obligation or a casual pastime, reminiscent of relaxed hours spent in a doctor's waiting room, or an obligation as breathing, the books I encountered engraved indelible imprints on my mind. This is the list of the top five books that have, for diverse reasons, left an enduring impact.

Appreciating Melodrama: Theory and Practice in Indian Cinema and Television by Dr Piyush Roy

Embarking on a literary odyssey with Dr Piyush Roy's work is akin to stepping into a realm of original thought. Unlike the prevalent trend among Indian critics to rope film analysis to Western-European theories, Dr Roy unfolds a narrative that redefines film appreciation within the context of India's cultural ethos and artistic traditions. Central to his exploration is the Bharat Natyashastra, providing a lens through which he dissects scenes from the iconic film "Sholay" using the Navarasa theory. This ground-breaking approach transforms the act of reading into an engaging experience of rediscovering our heritage and culture in a modern context. Dr Roy's scholarly writing promises to reshape prevailing norms in the practice of film appreciation in India. 

Monetising Innovation by Gautam Borah

The title, "Monetising Innovation," alludes to discussions surrounding growth, profit, and management, encapsulating the core essence of Gautam Borah's work. In a literary dance that transcends the boundaries of the management domain, Borah crafts a lucid narrative accessible to readers from diverse backgrounds. The inclusion of illustrations not only enhances the visual appeal but also serves as a pedagogical tool, enabling even the uninitiated to delve into the deeper nuances of innovation management. While the intricate details may elude a casual reader, the broader takeaway extends valuable insights applicable to any creative pursuit aspiring to broaden its audience and impact.

Kishore Kumar: The Ultimate Biography by Anirudh Bhattacharya and Parthiv Dhar

In the annals of artistic brilliance, Kishor Kumar stands as a genuine artist, an extraordinary performer who inhabited a world uniquely his own. The 556 pages of Anirudh Bhattacharya and Parthiv Dhar's magnum opus meticulously unravel the life, work, and passion of this beloved artist. The biography, resembling a thrilling fiction with its detailed narrative akin to a documentary, immerses readers in stories, anecdotes, encounters, pranks, and an emotionally resonant portrayal of Kishor Kumar's inexplicable love and soulful singing. The immersive experience offered by this biography transcends the traditional confines of literary exploration, becoming a journey through the heart and soul of a legendary artist.

We and the World Around by Dr Manmohan Vaidya

The strength of a well-crafted sentence lies in its ability to seamlessly carry the reader forward, and Dr Manmohan Vaidya's work exemplifies this literary finesse. As the Sah-Sarkaryawah of RSS, Dr Vaidya delves into the philosophy of the organization with a balanced and compelling narrative, devoid of any propagandist undertones. The clarity of thought, logical reasoning, and unwavering conviction displayed by the author engage the reader in a contemplative journey. Addressing the criticisms faced by the RSS with a subtle yet impactful tone, Dr Vaidya offers readers a platter of thoughtful reflections, sparking a nuanced exploration of the organization's principles. This book will establish him as a finer Indian writer in English Language.

OTT ka Mayajal by Anant Vijay

Anant Vijay, a man of literature, a journalist by profession, and a film critic by passion, brings forth his diverse qualities in "OTT ka Mayajal." This Hindi book delves into the emergent field of OTT platforms, weaving together the beauty of words, inquisitiveness about the subject, and a critical eye for analysis. Going beyond a historical account, Vijay scrutinizes the socio-political dimensions of content and presentation, particularly in platforms featuring Hindi-language programs. "OTT ka Mayajal" throws a critical light on this less-explored yet culturally and politically significant form of entertainment, offering readers a profound exploration of a rapidly evolving aspect of the media landscape.

In conclusion, these books encountered by me in the literary landscape were not mere companions but guiding lights in a journey of self-discovery and intellectual enrichment.

Each work, with its unique narrative and perspective, contributed to the expansion of my understanding, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of my literary exploration. 

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