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Photo Essay: Your Magic Glasses

Photo Essay: Your Magic Glasses

by Ranjit Rodricks February 24 2021, 11:39 pm Estimated Reading Time: 1 min, 23 secs

The ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic is an eye-opener for thousands of people across the world, writes Ranjit Rodricks 

Many, who have lost near and dear ones to the virus and other factors, have used their time in lockdown to contemplate the real meaning of life, the magic of relationships and the gift of every breath that we are blessed with.

However, one glance at any social media and it’s painfully obvious to see that this global emergency is nothing more than water off a duck’s back for millions of unenlightened souls. 

Their misogynistic and myopic ways of the past seem to be amplified. And for some strange reason, while others see the dark clouds with a silver lining as a blessing, these souls can only see the darkness and the storms. 

It makes me wonder then if they see the world through a pair of magic glasses? 

And would I like to own a pair? 

Here’s a short poem I’ve written called: Your Magic Glasses 

O’ how do I look through your glasses?/The ones which see lovely souls as “So FAT”!/O’ how do I look through your glasses?/The ones, which can see only TRASH!/How do I look through your glasses?/The ones that can see only GRIPE!/They mirror so much of your pain/And cause you to speak so much TRIPE!//O how do I look through your glasses?/Those ones that make you see all ASKEW!/O how do I look through your glasses?/My THIRD EYE keeps asking me this too!! 

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