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Director’s Cut

Film historian, Dhruv Somani, is in conversation with Saawan Kumar Tak, on how he has romanced the box office.

Bollywood Rebooted

Authentic, the one word, which describes Diljit Dosanjh better than any other, writes Dr Sandeep Goyal

Homes, Bollywood Homes

Khalid Mohamed writes on some of the impressive star homes in B-town.

There’s somet...

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The truth about Lies

One of the most defining images of our times is that of Prime Minister Narendra Modiji inaugurating the Atal Tunnel, writes Vinta Nanda...

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Gas-lighting: The News Normal

Vinta Nanda analyzes the news media as it stands today and what it can achieve for its mass audiences if it so chooses to do.<...

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Rucha Pathak: Giving vision and wings to the entertainment-fare.

Aparajita Krishna goes on a long walk with Rucha Pathak and gets her talking about her journey - from a student of media to le...

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No Coincidence No Fiction: The Urban Mela

Ranjit Rodricks writes that the loot that’s taking place in broad daylight today, is just like a Mela in a faraway villa...

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Whose Bollywood is it anyway?

Vinta Nanda disagrees with Kangana Ranaut’s rants on national television, which cleverly camouflage political mischief.<...

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Framed: Film Editor Ballu Saluja

Aparajita Krishna, writer and filmmaker, profiles the much accomplished editor Ballu Saluja in...

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The Standoff: Pataal Lok and Contagion

Vinta Nanda writes about how we process these times when the movies are advancing our future.