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Revisiting Mani Kaul’s Mini-series Ahmaq

Devdutt Trivedi writes that in Ahmaq, Kaul wanted to underline the symbiotic relationship between Hinduism and Islam.

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Seizing the moment: Ravi K. Chandran

Eminent cinematographer, Ravi K. Chandran in conversation with Khalid Mohamed, on the unfettered joys of still photography. Read More

Sardar Udham: The Shadow Man

Satyabrata Ghosh explains why the film Sardar Udham should be watched to fathom what undying love for one’s own country ...

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Mahishasur Marddini: Endless Night…

Filmmaker Ranjan Ghosh speaks to Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri about his soon-to-be-released film…

In the land of the capitalists

‘Battleship Potemkin’ was premiered at the historic Bolshoi Theatre auditorium in Moscow on December 21, 1925, writes Monis...

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Another Ravi Varma: Mankada

Kerala Varma talks about the magic in the work of the low profile cinematographer of Adoor whose work made the layman sit up a...

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Celebrating Bachchan!

It’s his 79th birthday on the 11th October, and S M M Ausaja writes that It’s not easy to ch...

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Their Little Secret: Murmur of the Heart

Louis Malle is known for controversial and often semi-autobiographical work, writes Sharad Raj.

Hello, says the killer: Mukhosh

This serial cop-killer flick does not quite cut it either as a thriller or as a statement on crime and punishment, writes Shantanu Ray ...

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BINISUTOY - Without Strings…

Atanu Ghosh’s new film weaves a delightful tapestry that defies genre pigeonholing, writes Read More