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The Break with Michelle Wolf: The Hall of Laughter

The Break with Michelle Wolf: The Hall of Laughter

by Shubhangi Jena June 11 2018, 4:53 pm Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins, 24 secs

Digital platforms have by now been dispensing their share of outrageous, funny and sometimes scary news bytes that skirt around a film of what looks like the bubble holding our future. While we nervously and agitatedly scrolled to reach the last string of our news feed, Wolf worked away on these endless faux de passes to produce a laughable dimension to the whole anxiety-multiplying business. Breathe in, breathe out.

Phew! So the last few months were quite a distorting period when privacy walls came cascading down bit by bit at our own feet, only for all to reckon they are mere flimsy curtains and privacy, what’s that!? Wolf in her new Netflix show races to quip about everything ugly about the wobbly infrastructure of newly-developing technology we are housing under and even much more.

Source : Refinery29

Wolf boldly takes the stage and like an eagle eyed scrutator has done her homework right to share her picks on Elon Musk and his masterpiece under construction. She goes all the way in her running monologue to voice her opinion in his newly fangled romantic interest, too! An extra bold step is always insane and unfailingly delivers the jab wherever it was intended to be, here, to the laughing nerve. Her take on Alexa and its privacy breaching episodes are stringed to hilarity in its own way, the occasional, out-of-the blue chortles to god knows why by Alexa becomes a glitch turned joke to crack us up.  

Before hitting the heart of the premise, Wolf delivers a promise of leaving political issues untouched and instead races around the other aspects that share their roles in weighing down the scales of global issues/interest. Honestly, a different, unexpected and creative approach to these problems is just trying to keep the masses sane and maybe make a little inure too, who knows!

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The Break with Michelle Wolf is a great plot with many virgin ideas for a great break; however the jokes don’t lie flat at certain points. The ideas seem inchoate, at times, utterly leading one astray. If only the show’s producers manage to take a step back and instead of jotting the dots draw a straight line that cuts straight through the chase to our hearts, the imperfections would be cured. The room and scope for upswing is massive and people are already rooting for the show, heartily.

Despite subtle cracks here and there, the show is a perfect pitch for a good break and a few laughs. Since laughter is so much more than just therapeutic, you owe a lot to such gigs, especially someone like Wolf who gently takes the baggage of evolving anxieties around the small big issues affecting our lives, helping us toss them aside, maybe for time being, until you scroll the news feed again.

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