India just produced its first gun for women. Is this a solution or a problem?

India just produced its first gun for women. Is this a solution or a problem?

by The Daily Eye Team January 28 2014, 12:40 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 55 secs

India appears to be following the US by making and marketing guns for women, but it won’t make women any safer

“Nirbheek” is small, light and can just about “fit into a lady’s purse”; it’s also India’s first gun for women. Named after the 23-year-old victim of thehighly publicized Delhi gang-rape case in December 2012, the 500 gram light-weight .32 caliber revolver produced by the state-owned India Ordinance Factory is being marketed as the latest solution to the wide-spread problem of sexual violence and rape in the subcontinent.

One wonders if India has been learning from the US firearms industry, which has long excelled in creating a niche market for female gun-owners by producing small, light – and often pink – guns for women. With names like Chic Lady, Pink Lady, Lavender Lady and Pink Lady Off-Duty (courtesy of the Connecticut-based Charter Arms), US manufacturers like Taurus, Smith and Wesson and Remington have perfected the art of “shrinking-it-and-pinking-it” with a range of pink revolvers, handguns and rifles, just for women.

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