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by HUMRA QURAISHI April 28 2024, 12:00 am Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins, 43 secs

Was it the leader of a democratic nation or a propagandist spewing divisive rhetoric in those politically charged speeches? Humra Quraishi asks this pertinent question and says it is absolutely appalling.

However, in these grim times of rising authoritarianism, nothing truly surprises anymore. I'm utterly weary of hearing prejudiced remarks targeting the Muslim community, paired with baseless falsehoods. None of these tirades are rooted in facts; they're merely fuelled by hatred and spun narratives. They're outright lies, plain and simple.

The leader of a nation should be well-versed in the realities of the Muslim community before making inflammatory statements about their reproductive rates. Such provocations are not just irresponsible but are designed to sow discord and animosity among communities. Shouldn't there be an immediate halt to these provocations before they escalate into riots or civil unrest, before the people of this nation turn against each other in violence?

The insidious propaganda perpetuated by the BJP-RSS can only be likened to a mass assault on the collective psyche, occurring amidst deep-rooted communal divisions, widespread myths, misconceptions, and distorted ideologies. Within the corridors of power, there exists a blatant bias against Muslims, further exacerbating these tensions. Above all, there looms the ominous threat of the erosion of our fundamental values and societal fabric, as the influence of the Right-Wing extends into every aspect of daily existence. While it may be difficult to hear, this is the stark reality of the era in which we find ourselves.

The haunting memories of the Babri Masjid demolition and the Gujarat pogrom persist, only to be compounded by the daily barrage of humiliations faced by Indian Muslims in recent times. These grim realities have begun to take their toll, prompting many to resign themselves to the harsh truth: "Under any circumstance, it's becoming increasingly difficult...but we must either endure or perish on this soil."

In addition to the plight of the Muslim community, there's a relentless verbal assault on the Indian National Congress by Right-Wing politicians during election rallies. It's as if they are determined to distort facts and sow confusion and discord. It appears that proponents of Hindutva lack a basic understanding of historical facts concerning the Congress and past national leaders.

Consider the audacity of BJP's Kangana Ranaut confidently proclaiming that Subhas Chandra Bose was India's first prime minister! It's astounding how such misinformation is allowed to propagate unchecked.

Do Right-Wing politicians even acknowledge the grimness unfolding right before our eyes? It's all too bleak, with the daily struggle for survival looming large. People are barely able to afford food, access clean drinking water, find employment, or cope with skyrocketing prices. Corruption is rampant, age-old traditions are being upended, and poisonous propaganda is spreading like wildfire. Add to that the looming spectre of climate disasters—it's an incredibly distressing situation.

I find myself consumed by anguish and apprehension, pondering what lies ahead. How much darker will the shadows of despair grow as fascist forces continue to spread their toxic propaganda? Perhaps it's naive to expect anything different, given the relentless march of the Hindutva agenda. The facades are stripped away, revealing stark realities. Today, it's not about Hindus, Muslims, or Christians—it's about fascist forces versus those who advocate for sanity. It's Sanghis versus the rest of us.

Quoting from the esteemed writer A.G. Noorani's book, "The RSS – A Menace To India" (Left Word), he succinctly captures the gravity of India's current struggle: "India is in a battle for its very soul... The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) stands as the most formidable organization in India today, equipped with its own private army, unwaveringly obedient to its leader who operates on fascist principles akin to the Führer principle... The RSS is engaged in a war against India's rich heritage. It disparages three of the greatest architects of the Indian State—Ashoka, the Buddhist, Akbar, the Muslim, and Nehru, a progressive Hindu. It seeks to erase centuries of achievements that have earned India acclaim from the world, replacing it with its own narrow, divisive ideology."

Noorani eloquently exposes the RSS's tactics: "The escalation of Hindutva serves the purpose, as intended by its proponents, of diverting attention away from the stark reality that nearly half of India's population lives at or below the poverty line, deprived of even the most basic rights and amenities. Rather than striving to secure these rights and amenities for tribals and Dalits, the focus has been shifted to the irrelevant debate over the right to conversion. The frenzy surrounding the question of indigenous versus foreign identities among Indians, based on the erroneous premise of religious origin either indigenous to the subcontinent or West Asian, has resulted in egregious and inhumane behaviour by groups purporting to defend Hinduism, targeting those identified as Muslims and Christians."

BEBAAK BHASHA! Amidst the chaos of politics, there shines a glimmer of hope: the resolute individuals who dare to stand against Right-Wing politicians, striving to curb the political turbulence plaguing our nation. Among them, courageous journalists emerge as beacons, steadfastly confronting the grim realities unfolding. One such journalist is Bhasha Singh, who earlier this year launched her own YouTube channel - Bebaak Bhasha. In her fearless manner, she delivers unfiltered truths, devoid of unnecessary embellishments, relying solely on facts. Her use of Hindustani, a blend of Hindi and Urdu, fosters a vital connection with her audience. I make it a point to regularly tune into her channel, where, in a brief span, she sheds light on ground realities, whether in New Delhi, Manipur, Telangana, or even America. Bhasha Singh's unwavering courage in challenging the Right-Wing establishment is commendable, her arguments grounded firmly in irrefutable facts.

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